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When you got into a pain/injury whats your reaction? 

8 deviants said Nah no matter what pain or injury to me is just a lil bruise (you some sort of cool kid?)
4 deviants said You laugh at your pain that pain feels gives good feeling (fact: THATS MARINI4 most of the time when its ACCIDENTAL bleeding wtf?)
4 deviants said Pffffftttt what pain/injury? Crying is 4 da weak! (but you are internally crying on the inside so that you don`t look like a crybaby in front of your friends/family)
3 deviants said OMG quick! GET MEDIC! I NEED MEDIC!! (you are the type whos secure and afraid of slightest pain/injury)
No deviants said Others?


Feb 22, 2017
11:17 am
Feb 22, 2017
10:45 am
Feb 22, 2017
10:26 am
Feb 22, 2017
9:59 am
Feb 20, 2017
3:16 pm
Hi guys its been awhile, i havent been update for a long while since the convention, its like more than a month.

So i thought i wanna talk you guys bout something that been boggle up in my mind. So to start the story, i was watching 1 of game theory video and yeah i`m a game theorist followers quite awhile and i am so in love with what ever theories game theory did, including five nights at freddy's and I was spot on. BUT as soon as he uploads this i want you guys to watch the part from 0:30 to 4:50.

You know this video kinda snapped me in terms of I can relate to MatPat like how he love the game and he made his theory bout Sans is Ness from earthbound but i mean cmon its his theory but then got overwhelm of hates from the "fans of undertale". If i could call it that.

No i`m not saying this video is about him. What i`m trying to imply is that... i`ve been stress lately. About undertale in specifically. I`ve met a few groups of undertale peeps but then it ends up turns into a trap. A trap that I DON`T KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG. For everything i do seems wrong. I just cant be who I am to love the games you know? For instance

1. I love the game undertale in general but i`m not fully invested like knowing the alternate universe(AU in short) for example underfell, underswap, etc... JUST the ORIGINAL.
then they all like LE GASP! How could you!? then hate hate hate hate hate.

2. I said I drew the sans just so that you guys could have fun with it. And I thought i drew those sans in eevee just so you guys be happy then like want more. When i told them i`m not fans of Sans OC then LE GASP! then hate hate hate hate hate.

Theres more list than just that. Like I said, i wanna be clear of what I said;

Neh I`ve deal with a lot of haters to me is normal but why this fandom specifically? Well I tell you why

The undertale fandom is too temperamental

Its just that whatever my move is, nor state my opinion. the fanbase always gets trigger. I don`t get that freedom anymore. So i`m sorry that if this is what the fanbase calls out for then i feel like i`m in no place that I should be any part of this. I feel like its wrong for forcing people to like what you like, nor forcing them to accept your theories. By far this is almost the same level of OUT OF HAND level as five nights at freddy's fans and that is undertale fans.

I love the game god dammit why is they fanbase so vicious af? I even like make keychains and posters out of it. I don`t make merchs out of things I don`t know or based on popularity rank of the show/game. If It makes me love it to death I do it, AND THATS IT. But now... i spent literal 150$ on something that I feel like not worth doing...I was excited at first, now it feels meh. After the keychain is over I wanna stop production of it. Nor wanna stop draw undertale drawing related for maybe periods of time. I wanna do something else from that keychain. 

So I wanna apologize;
I`m sorry that if i turned out to be a coward.
I`m sorry that if i`m not the undertale "artist" if you can call it that, like you were expected. Because I WASNT intentionally to begin with.
I`m sorry that if I ever hurt your feelings nor disappointed by my choices right now.

THIS ART. SHOWS MY SIGN OF RESPECT OF THE GAME. I have poured my heart and soul in this because of how much I LOVE the game.
Undertale - Half of My Determination(update) by Marini4

But then just because i`m not the in "in depth" fan as you guys thought I were then be like wtf thicked off. Its FINE by me. I just bout had enough of this. As soon as this fandom cools down then I might draw again. Until then goodbye for now undertale long hiatus it shall. Just having like sick or headache of it.

Also In the end matpat I feel like I wanna give him a hug cuz I understand how ya feel >__<.

My last words before I go, If you guys EVER encounter this kind of situation. I don`t know if this categories as cyber bullies? Since this is what MatPat says, by all means please just ignore or stay away from the fandoms that is too temperamental. They are vicious af. It saves your time too. No need to fight nor argue with these people.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand..... Thank you guys for reading this

Regarding on the comments. Its okay, no need to say sorry nor pity, i have made up my mind i`m gonna take a vacation from undertale,.. 
Though I have a question for you guys:

1. What crazy fandoms you 'got yourself into/know so far' that is also crazy as this??

2. Did it went well?

Marini4 answers:
1. So far I know undertale, FNAF, Miraculous Ladybug and Mystic Messenger
2. ML and MM is ok, UT and FNAF?.... its like war....


Marini Shukry! ಠೆuಠೆ
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied



thought wanna leave a note: i kinda caught up in my job, yeah marini4 has a JOB now where im busy af... but the sidenote is i`m working at my dad's firm/CO hahaha so if only he stop asking color changes on his building project 3d so many times... otl... so late replies, commission and art trade as usual...

Love you dad have mercy on my soul on the 1st week of the job please lmao
16406984 10208039807020286 5357314952859249282 N by Marini4:icontheycallmeethanplz:... that price though... *wallet empty after i bought AA6*...

capcom... whyy.... 
I went to the mall yesterday with my sis, so we play this dart game at the arcade. I was trying to throw the dart by doing the saltbae hand thing was so addicting XD, ofcourse the technique didn`t work and my sis won with a wtf face of "STOP WITH THE SALTBAE DAMMIT MAR". I don`t care what the public thinks nor i lose, i have to admit if ya try doing the saltbae it makes ya look cool but stupid at the same time XD.
Fire Bullet - F2U! 3 DAYS TO GO BEFORE PRE-ORDER CLOSES Fire Bullet - F2U!FOR Undertale Keychain and it will be arrive after Chinese New Year holiday so its gonna arrive this week!!(nor next week early of february)

Who am I?

Full Name: Marini Shukry
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Course: Architecture
Ambition: Hobbyist Cartoonist

My name is Marini and "4" in my user names is i`m the youngest among 4 siblings.

I am currently studying architecture but drawing cartoon character has been my life since I was a kid and its also my hobby..

Questions and Answer(ed)

Just who the heck are you?
I am just a NORMAL girl who loves to draw and explore in the world of arts, who is also a twatwaffle known as Marini.

Cool! Can I have a request from you?
Actually I closed my Request for a LOOOOoooongg time. So No. Close Friends, Family and people who REALLY deserve it only

Well That Sucks, Ok so how about Art Trade?
Sure I do Art Trades too! But it depends, such as If you have an equivalent skills par with mine OR higher CONSIDER SIGN ME UP! But on certain situations I have a heart for childs. So sometimes I art trade with beginners too because I love to help them improve and live their dreams. Overall when comes to negotiation in Art Trade please forgive me if I decline your offer okay? I have my reasons(or not)

I see! I see! Well do you do speedpaint or livestream?
I stop speedpaint on DIGITAL ART for a very long time, there are literally a LOT of amazing artist at digital so best that you look for their work instead because mainly, I learn from them than mastering myself. On the plus side, I only do traditional speedpaints and tutorial so hopefully you guys follow me there instead :)
Livestream?... I don`t have the guts to do livestream. I rather join you guys instead.

Neat! Okay, whats your favorite fandom?
I Love pokemon, undertale, tmnt, sonic, and most of all i`m an all time Ace Attorney dweeb LOL

Thats a lot, ok?... So why you never reply to us in DA?
I try my best to find some gap/time to reply you guys but i cannot describe to you how UNHOLY architecture is, I love the course yes but they take most of my time even late night. Thats why you see me reply mainly 2am - 6am because my bed is actually my college's studio table... is comfy(lies). Other times got like 50+ message per week so is kinda hard to catch up...
But in advance please forgive me and spare me if I reply you late. However you can catch my attention by note me BUT ONLY IF IS IMPORTANT! Thanks!

Understandable! Oh yeah, almost forgot. What tools do you use on your work?
For digital I use wacom cintiq 13hd, softwares I use: medibang, paint tool sai, corel painter 12 and photoshop. Why so many softwares? It just depending on my mood LOL.
For Traditionals I use, touch five markers, copic, winsor and newton watercolor, sakura poster color, prismacolor color pencils and faber castell artist PITT pen. I make sure I try to use my work quality for the people.
Note; these are my long time save money for like 10 years and bought them from time to time... I didn`t ask my parents. This proves MAKE. YOUR DREAMS. COME TRUE. IF YOU JUST SAVE. YOUR. MONEY!

Wow! What dedication! So wanna say something to everyone before you go?
Thanks for reading! HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY WHAT I DO HERE!! :3 also thank you (ghost interviewer) who asking me all these questions?... o__o


:iconpokemon-portal-iz: :iconcommissionpromoter:


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