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You can download or using it for blogs yes but don`t forget to credit and please respect my deviations ^^ll thanks

Corel Painter by LumiResources 100% pure



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HI GURL! Hows life?? :dummy:
Mon Feb 24, 2014, 4:00 PM
Sun Feb 23, 2014, 6:34 PM
Oh yush~
Tue Feb 11, 2014, 1:56 PM
derpy hooves :3
Fri Jan 24, 2014, 9:20 PM
Derp depy
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derp :)
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X3 Rawr
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Hello hello everybody! How are you? ME? GREAT? You know whats great? ME! I`m almost at a pinnacle to my death. 

Also hiatus-ing away from DA eventually get me a frequent watchers i mean WOW so welcome new watchers!!

So you guys probably wondering (i bet you guys not) why i got upload a lot and not replying you guys. Well yeah college sucks. So I suck. Which means i made u guys suck... EQUALITY <3

So jump to the topic HERE IS WHY:

PLEASE DO NOT BLACKMAIL ME I`m the most gorgeous women in the entire universe...
Pretty Insane Me by Marini4
And now this is all the pictures of what i`m doing!
20151111 232320 by Marini420151111 232330 by Marini4
(this is just a fraction of it. Theres more to it than that mess LOL)

I have to show u this mess cuz its like a month of not doing anything but work and sleep once every 3-4 hours ONLY but only then when its submission time u only get to sleep 1 hour... THATS NOT ENOUGH. But it was after critique with the lecturers so is over... FOR NOW. So NOW basically i`m preparing a new fresh look after my lecturer RED PEN MY ENTIRE 8/11 Pieces A1 size board i have to redo most of it(total of my board is 11). SO naturally u saw i kept uploading all the traditional works which is the only thing i can make contact to draw. My architecture work here consist of TRADITIONAL (sh*tload) of work. So if is digital i have absolutely no prob waste 15$ for 1 print A1. SO IS 165$ Printing. Yeah means no food for a month.. I WANT THAT rather you have to do all traditionally and redraw.... AGAIN... is like... a traditional printer... FLINTSTONE WAY... GAWDDAMMIT medieval age LOL.
20150326 062631 by Marini4
Also here is me for lack of slept no joke MY FRIEND TOOK A PICTURE OF ME SLEEP IN CLASS which is at 4am. YES I camp at the classroom before submission day. In this picture a huge bottle of water which i afraid i quench my thirst during work, My pillow is actually a towel which i will use to take a bath at a nearby toilet around class (yes is scary but sacrifice must be made) PLUS in that monaliza bag is my art supplies AND MY CASUAL CLOTHES FOR PRESENTATION Appeal. YEAH good camping :D... I overslept there until whole 6am whooohooo. And its not just me that slept there eventually my seniors are here too haha what are the odds! But this is NORRRRMALLL. no really the seniors says is normal to do this. I dun think other course from other college would do this. HAHAHA yeah... 


Don Prev by Marini4
Theres A lot of SPEEDPAINTS in deviantart and ofcourse YouTUBE but seeing as it is as we are in a world of digital, I mean no joke digital art speedpaints are EVERYWHERE! My sis also try to look up some traditional art tutorial book (a.k.a manga) all she found was?... u guessed it... photoshop tutorial color manga AT A BOOK STORE. There may be a manga trads tutorial book in but you know how is a very rare thing to find in Malaysia due to the demanding. 

I also found out that in my FB message that most people ask how to get color this and that in watercolor. They also state that is difficult. Like the most difficult thing and surprisingly my friend in college whos also an artist just flippin flip table because shes very good like very good in digital art but BAD at watercolor usage.... she bought the pocket size watercolor 2 weeks ago as she eager to try but seeing that she end up giving her tools to her siblings.. 

I`m not saying that doing digital art is bad no no i mean is GOOD that you guys are excellent at that but would be better if you both street art and commissioner taker than just commissioner taker. What i`m trying to say is. rather than taking orders from a manga anime fair/festival and rather finish it at home then sold digitally, people are much happier if the work is on the spot and TAKE IT! Or maybe both! Digital and Traditional! See? IN SHORT digital art is like THIS:

Is like to lazy how this and that work... You got your color palette like in Photoshop. Like... ok LOOK DIGITAL ART provides you EVERYTHING! Is like some industrious work. Well what do I expect is we're in a world of technology right?

I mean i`m getting worried that the traditional ways is somehow getting extinct and somehow my fb message is getting some decent ton of message how to trads! Heck EVEN MY JUNIORS! (since i`m semester 3) (the project consist of traditional art for architecture is sem1-sem3 total 1+1/2 years!)
I was fortunate that the lecturer gave me the opportunity to help him assist with the juniors during his "architectural graphic"!

And because of digital art. Its like bargaining/comparison/self-proclaim genius (NO joke experience from DA forum) that is starting to compare one another and torn apart. [POPULARITY]

yeah i did said i wanna quit art before:
Thus this is the end of Marini4???Theres the popular artist, theres the famous artist, and theres the self-proclaim genius artist...
and i`m just a potato..
Just getting and getting less motivational. People getting more smudgy on my face on their art success achievement which I don`t... give.. a damn... LITERALLY. Overall parents didn`t gave me enough motivation on my art because I was too unreal but always praise my first sis for the realistic like art... which ofcourse i`m proud but dear mom and dad... don`t you think you give it ... i dunno... TOO MUCH? I`m like only a teaspoon and all you gave her is a bucketful of praises... I probably think cuz I was that silent type with my parents and never show them what I draw... CUZ I KNOW THEY WOULND`T LIKE IT OKAY!?.... not only that got this friend and that friend smug her achievement and comment on my work are not enough this and that. Which i already proclaimed, is a HOBBY. Addition to taking architecture, lecturers, ho ho... don`t mess with them they got the golden to

because of that. Art is not a fun thing anymore. Adoptables? Trades but SAME OR HIGHER LEVEL? srsly non-stop SPEEDPAINT srsly! Even newbie kids age 8-10 speedpaint and they are like "SO PROOOooooOOOO~..." Also SPAM PROFILE FOR WANT FREEE REQUEST?? AND NEVER THANK YOU!?!?
I mean WHERES THE JOY OF GIFTING?! With your pals??! 

I remember me and :iconamateurartist98: start very low in DA when first met. WE DON`T EVEN CARE ANY OF THAT! The endless possibility of sharing ideas and how our OC grow far on their adventure with others~! Eventually i can`t think of one other good example than him and his gf :icondragonqueen98: never care of art level. As long as enjoyment at its best in ART. I also have few other friends here like that too like :iconathenacykes::iconninetails-senpai::iconask-sourgrape: and more... A LOT. We never care, we enjoy arts LOL. ITS

Oh yeah back to the subject,... story... erkhem...
This so called ARTIST which those digital artist proclaimed PRO when i talk about traditional arts and show them my book full of trads they were like:

And you know what?... I even got 1 friend whos better than me in digital but still doesn`t wanna talk to me due to best at both trads and digital. I mean not to brag really. But hey! Thats what it is. (This made me depress even more about ARTS)

People who work on DIGITAL FIRST, then when trying to move to basic a.k.a TRADITIONAL, have a HUGE trouble how to operate how this tools and that tools work. ESPECIALLY those whos about to embark into ART CLASS or ART MAJOR in college! Will then ask and look up how to traditional then you found out and realise... THEY ALL GONE TO EXTINCTION. 


So I`M TRYING MY BEST TO pull things together and make trads comeback out again!

I did made a few tutorial vids so yeah hope you enjoy :D and hope to spread the traditional love!

Traditional 16  - Halloween Apollo by Marini4

So enough about the ART

I`m also making a new channel next year coming soon!

Is sort of like a review plus gameplay (Like jontron channel/spacehamster/peanutbuttergamer) (hopefully)
So anyone who has a steam account lemme know cuz i`m just starting too :) we could like google hangout play gmod or dead realm etc2
What I do also like is minecraft! 
Who knows? Maybe I will upload them HAHAHA. AHHHHhhhhh.... 
:( all my sis study faraway and i have no friends to play with thats why LOL.

WANNA GIVE A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO KEPT STAY HIGH HOPES WITH ME UNTIL NOW. Depression is hard to battle seeing humanity in ART at its loss. But glad that you guys came around with your words and support that kept me high spirit even if DA is sort of like the end is nigh already... so without further adieu... FEATUREDESSS

ALSO wanna thank :iconkyone-kuaci: for IN REAL LIFE slap me in da face to snap out of my depression. She is the best of the best and I too am grateful learn from the best artist there is!... Yes i love her bitch slap DEAL WITH IT

ALSO LAST APRIL is my birthday and since I was such a douche for not saying thank you. I FELT BAD OKAY?? SORRY. OK THANK YOU GUYS and sorry >___<;; college hehe...

1. Do you have a story that WHAT made you depress then one day you struck confidence to stop your depression no more?

2a. If you are a digital artist, what do you think about traditional arts?
2b. If you are a traditional artist, what do you think about digital arts?

3. Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] From the VERY FIRST PICTURE you saw in the journal...
Al emotion - Sharp Teeth Smile with hand did my pretty face scarred you for the rest of eternity? 

I will try reply but lil late so have pationceee also thank you for reading this far!! GOOD TO BE BACK BABY~!!


digital watercolor - waist up *Discount 30% off*
Quick Draw - Phoenix Darson by Marini4
Street Fighter - Sakura by Marini4
Nnnnnnnnnn I Wiiiil Allwaaays Love YoouUUuU by Marini4
Pissed Off Xenora by Marini4
20 USD 14 USD
1600 :points: 1120 :points:
:iconpaypalplz: accepted
:icondapointsplz: accepted

Please note me and pay through donation NOT THE COMMISSION WIDGET
digital watercolor - closeup *Discount 30% off*
Good Morning Miku by Marini4
Raeven Portrait by Marini4
Commission - Ellie by Marini4
15 USD 10.50 USD
1200 :points: 840 :points:
:iconpaypalplz: accepted
:icondapointsplz: accepted

Please note me and pay through donation NOT THE COMMISSION WIDGET


Marini4's Profile Picture
Suprise Madafaka! ಠೆuಠೆ
Artist | Student | Varied

Unown-mike by CreepyJellyfishUnown by CreepyJellyfishUnown-romeo by CreepyJellyfishUnown-india by CreepyJellyfishUnown-november by CreepyJellyfishUnown-india by CreepyJellyfish
I`m here on DA because of:
Your money, points, faves, watch


When visiting my profile, Feel free to visit as though you are at home!

~Dun be shy when you talk to me, ASK ME AWAY! I`ll be happy to answer everything you desire!
~I`m HALF pro at softwares! But 100% expert on Photoshops and Corel Painter!
~I`m also happen to be part of the school councel club team! So I help those in need! Any problem unrelated to me but YOU or needed of someone to talk to then ask ME!

What I`m good at:
-Semi realistic human/anime drawing (guaranteed not flat)
-Quick learner Anthro, Sonic style, Vector and other style.
-3D background and home modeling - sketchup
-Improvise Pianist (note reader FAIL)
-A Chef who can cook cupcakes, cakes, pastries and sweet treats
-Physic Pro (fail addmath)
-Councelor(i think?)
-I am YOUR cheerleader :)

Tetris Friends Stamp Light Blue by captainfranko Marini4 (plz battle me LOL)
Skype Stamp by SparkLum FalconPhoenix4
pixel 3DS aqua by silver-escape 1091 - 7421 - 6558
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:iconhiddentrollplz:Mind you, any mean, rude comments for NO REASON will be hidden... You MAD bro?

Name : Marini
Age : 19
Birthday : April 3rd
Continent : Asia
Country : Malaysia
State : Kelantan
City : Kota Bharu

ಠДಠl ಠ_ಠ l ಥ_ಥ l ಡ_ಡ l ತ_ತ l ಠಿ_ಠಿ l ಠೆ_ಠೆ l ಡಿ_ಡಿ l ಢಿ_ಢಿ l ಥಿ_ಥಿ l ಥಿ_ಥಿ l ಕ_ಕ l
l ಠ್_ಠ್ l ಡ್_ಡ್ l ಢ್_ಢ್ l ಥ್_ಥ್ l
⊙_⊙... ⊙Д⊙...⊙u⊙
Facebook: Falcon Phoenix
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december feature : Traditional Arts! (got yours for me to share?)(max 3-4 thumbs per person) 

4 deviants said Yes I DO! Share mine! (m4 will feature in journal throughout december :) )
2 deviants said I dun have but i will try now/soon :)
1 deviant said Nooooo i dun trads,... im pure digital OTL


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Browa123 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I wanted to say, your art is awesome, Apollo is awesome, and everything is awesome^^

(I just joined the Ace Attorney fandom, here's my roleplay blog to prove…  ^^)
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Finnian (Sorry) [V3] AHH Sorry for late reply forgive me >_< 

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Bruh, seriously, your art is best Apollo.

Maybe I'll actually be able to play a game myself when AA6 comes out. #Apolloconfirmed

Still trying to learn how to the characters properly.

(I'z been doing Mario characters for nine years, I've got no Ace Attorney drawing experience!)
B-L-U-E-Fox Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Student General Artist… do you still look for some one?
Marini4 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Student General Artist
i dunno how to delete thread due to the title typo(not really typo but people think i`m selling commission rather than me look for commission) so i close the thread and make a new one with a proper title.
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Hey, i saw in the forum that you need someone to draw your OC
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Welcome to :icontmnt2012fans: We hope you enjoy the art and stories submitted through this group and we look forward to any you may share with us. Please make sure to read the rules and the folder information before submitting. Most of all, have a great time! :-)

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