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Sorry if it took a longer time to judge From us 3 Judges(yes 3!!) so without further adieu:


Star!1st Place:
The Pompous Prince of Peacocks by Crestwaves

Half Star2nd Place:
Contest ~Princess Pollen~ by nuzaru

No Star3rd Place:
CE : Rainbow music~ by ollie0v0

I will update you guys soon of the conmments why We chose thess winners so for now i`m just announcing due to college gomenasai... HAHA.. but YAY!



I felt like these people still deserve something for an awesome design
Prince of Thorns by DBCStudios:CE: marini4 by AngelicsManaprincess sunny by PandamanderPrince Pistanelle by VampireSiberian
Honorable Mention receive 50 :points: + free headshot sketch from me. :)

Pixel gemstones - Diamond PRIZES: Pixel gemstones - Diamond 

Star!1st place:

:Yellow-orb:  Sakura Pocket Watercolor 18 colors (new condition) by Marini4
20160305 021430 by Marini420160305 021450 by Marini420160305 021513 by Marini4
:Yellow-orb:  1 sketchbook consist 20 pages + 1st page of the sketchbook traditional OC drawn by Marini4
20160305 021811 by Marini420160305 021838 by Marini4
 :Yellow-orb: 500 Points by Marini4
 :Yellow-orb: 100 Points by destranger
:Yellow-orb:  1 full-body colored by VampireSiberian
:Yellow-orb:  1 digital half-body by Kyone-Studio
:Yellow-orb:  1 chibi by Pandamander
:Yellow-orb:  1 headshot by Pandamander
:Yellow-orb:  1 digital waist-up by Avistella
:Yellow-orb: 1 traditional chibi colored by AngelicsMana
:Yellow-orb: 1 traditional chibi colored by nuzaru
:Yellow-orb: 1 animated icon by geekyfoxy
:Yellow-orb: 1 Llama by Crazy-Alpha
:Yellow-orb: 1 Llama by Avistella
:Yellow-orb: 1 Llama by AriaGrill
:Yellow-orb: 1 Llama by Anemo-Noir

Half Star 2nd place:

:Grey-orb:   Sakura Pocket Watercolor 12 colors (new condition) by Marini4
20160305 021555 by Marini420160305 021611 by Marini420160305 021622 by Marini4
:Grey-orb:   1 sketchbook consist 20 pages + 1st page of the sketchbook traditional OC drawn by Marini4
20160305 021811 by Marini420160305 021838 by Marini4
:Grey-orb: 1 Digital drawing by Novclow
:Grey-orb: 1 digital headshot by Kyone-Studio
:Grey-orb:  200 Points by Marini4
:Grey-orb: 1 half-body colored by VampireSiberian
:Grey-orb:  traditional chibi colored by AngelicsMana
:Grey-orb:  1 traditional chibi colored by nuzaru
:Grey-orb: 1 digital head shot by Avistella
:Grey-orb:  1 Llama by Crazy-Alpha
:Grey-orb: 1 Llama by Avistella
:Grey-orb: 1 Llama by AriaGrill
:Grey-orb: 1 Llama by Anemo-Noir

No Star 3rd place

:Orange-orb:  1 sketchbook consist 20 pages + 1st page of the sketchbook traditional OC drawn by Marini4
20160305 021811 by Marini420160305 021838 by Marini4
:Orange-orb: 100 Points by Marini4
:Orange-orb: 1 traditional chibi doodle by AngelicsMana
 :Orange-orb: 1 bust colored by VampireSiberian
 :Orange-orb:  1 Simple Sketch by nuzaru
:Orange-orb:  1 digital chibi by Avistella
:Orange-orb:  1 Llama by Crazy-Alpha
:Orange-orb:  1 Llama by Avistella
:Orange-orb:  1 Llama by AriaGrill
:Orange-orb:  1 Llama by Anemo-Noir

SERIOUSLY is a very hard decision but at least we did try our best to choose the very best(lol pokemon song) HOPE you guys enjoy the contest! For now the watercolor prize will start ship this june. Thanks so much for all you guys participating in this contest!!! :D

See all the contest entries they are awesome!! :)


Headshot Quick Sketch (may to june)
Sketch -  Falcon Phoenix (raffle example) by Marini4
Limited time Headshot sketch! (due to stress out of college please help me)
Note me for details
headshot only

(WARNING: bare with me for lateness)


Suprise Madafaka! ಠೆuಠೆ
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Unown-mike by CreepyJellyfishUnown by CreepyJellyfishUnown-romeo by CreepyJellyfishUnown-india by CreepyJellyfishUnown-november by CreepyJellyfishUnown-india by CreepyJellyfish
I`m here on DA because of:

I LOVE ARTS! Also theres 10% of craziness in my attitude... so... Yeah LOL

When visiting my profile, Feel free to visit as though you are at home!

~Dun be shy when you talk to me, ASK ME AWAY! I`ll be happy to answer everything you desire!
~I`m not pro but I love to draw! :)
~I`m also happen to be part of the school councel club team! So I help those in need! Any problem unrelated to me but YOU or needed of someone to talk to then ask ME!

Tetris Friends Stamp Light Blue by captainfranko Marini4 (plz battle me LOL)
Skype Stamp by SparkLum FalconPhoenix4
pixel 3DS aqua by silver-escape 1091 - 7421 - 6558
Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Marini4

:iconhiddentrollplz:Mind you, any mean, rude comments for NO REASON will be hidden... You MAD bro?

Name : Marini
Age : 20
Birthday : April 3rd
Continent : Asia
Country : Malaysia
State : Kelantan
City : Kota Bharu

ಠДಠl ಠ_ಠ l ಥ_ಥ l ಡ_ಡ l ತ_ತ l ಠಿ_ಠಿ l ಠೆ_ಠೆ l ಡಿ_ಡಿ l ಢಿ_ಢಿ l ಥಿ_ಥಿ l ಥಿ_ಥಿ l ಕ_ಕ l
l ಠ್_ಠ್ l ಡ್_ಡ್ l ಢ್_ಢ್ l ಥ್_ಥ್ l
⊙_⊙... ⊙Д⊙...⊙u⊙
Facebook: Falcon Phoenix
digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

a-kid-at-heart Support Stamp by spring-skySupport Beginners by ShadowDazed


OMG WHAT the HELL!! :iconpolygonicat: made an awesome job yet again!
Five Nights at AJ's - Wave ?@$#! Flash Game WIP by polygonicat
Please visit him and his wonderful game!

dear poly, I CAN`T SLEEP TONIGHT! YAY :icontheycallmesilverplz:
I just kinda feel pissed off that my friend is a nice chubby chub chub(we call her teddy bear) and cosplay her favorite fit looking anime character then people said she's like ruining the character. Whats wrong with cosplay what you love? So cosplays are for perfect people only? Is that it? We do what we love for sake of fandom not sake of popularity dammit. =_=
Damn drinking WAYYY too much Fanta Soda... You wanna know why??
Its FantaSy!!!! (i`m so gonna be dead by these puns)

WHYYYYYYYYY COMPUTER, I NEED TO FINISH THIS VIDEO ASSIGNMENT AND APP CRASH. My lecturers gonna KILL ME... ARGHHH (definitely not my finest moments) #crying #help #wtfiswrongwithmypcwhynowwhensubmittionistomorrow #idunnowheretorantsoiranthere #dead #idonthavetwitter


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or is it? No points for yoU! :iconwooooplz:

Donate me if you like my artwork!
God may bless you and give you better fortune for
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To all the ANONYMOUS donaters and the revealed
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and wealthy for the rest of your LIFE!

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